All Organic Indian flavors in Chocolates only from ChocoTwisto!


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Welcome to the world of ChocoTwisto!

We offer a wide range of premium traditional and eccentric chocolates that reflect the essence of our Indian civilization.

We aim to provide our patrons with the best quality chocolates at an affordable price. Try some of our Flavored Chocolates and even Willi Wonka will agree with you that we offer a quality and taste that is at par if not better than most of the premium Swiss brands.

The currently offered flavors are:

In addition to Flavored Chocolates, we offer Organic Energy Bars that are healthy nutrition snack bars made from organic ingredients, such as dates oats almonds cashews and walnuts. Our Energy Bars are sugar-free and are perfect for:

  • Kids, who refuse to eat a nutritious breakfast but are eager to chomp on chocolates
  • Working professionals, who don’t find time for breakfast as every minute counts
  • Pregnant women, who want to ensure that every bit and byte of nutrition is passed down to the loved one
  • Fitness fanatics, who don’t want to compromise on quality food
  • Bodybuilders, who want to buff up the meat. ’nuff said…
  • Diabetics, as our energy bar is sugar-free and doesn’t result in increased sugar levels

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